Pain Management for chronic and severe back pain

Our 100% Natural Therapies help you eliminate back pain, feel more alive, and return to doing what you love. We keep our treatments simple and effective, with orthopedic assessment and treatments that work. No pain medication, no cortisone injections, no surgery.


our experience 

We use a unique combination of eastern and western sports medicine therapies that work for all types of severe back pain, including:


Low, Mid, Upper Back Pain


Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain


Scapular Pain


Sciatic / Radiating Pain


Low Back Strain


Thrown Back


Facet Joint Pain


Stabbing / Seizing Pain


Constant Stiffness


Nighttime Back Pain




Herniated Disc

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Our comprehensive approach

  1. We Find the CAUSE of Pain

    Our exam and diagnostic process allows us to pinpoint where the pain is coming from and treat it with precision.

  2. We Treat the SOURCE of Dysfunction

    We don’t just want to relieve pain, we examine functional movements and look to the source of the dysfunction that caused the pain. This is what will keep you feeling better and able to continue being active without needing constant time out on the sidelines.

  3. We Give You the TOOLS to Maintain Your Progress

    We show you how to maintain your progress at home with strength and mobility exercises to continue healing.

  4. We Keep Our Treatments SIMPLE

    Our goal is to treat it right the first time, give you straightforward tools to use at home, and help you get back to doing what you love most.


our program


Clear and Detailed Root Causes and Assessment

Using orthopedic exams and assessments along with conducting a detailed history we will determine the root cause of your pain.


A Customized and Clear Path to Action

We will determine a treatment plan with the objective of eliminating pain, restore mobility, reduce local inflammation.


Weekly Acupuncture Treatments and Therapeutic Exercises

We will immediately begin with weekly or biweekly acupuncture sessions to improve blood flow to local tissue, reduce pain and inflammation, activate neurologically inhibited muscles to restore tone, extensibility and function.

We will discuss therapeutic exercises for you to work on at home to maintain pain relief, improve muscle function and extensibility and improve joint mobility.


Follow Up Treatments

We will follow up at regular intervals to ensure progress is measurable, pain is significantly reduced or eliminated, and physical activity is able to be reintroduced.


Occasional Maintenance

Scheduling occasional maintenance visits to ensure healthy movement while maintaining normal physical activity

 Your Initial Consultation is FREE. Come meet us in person and learn more

You can also reach us at 425-774-8139 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions


our success

Our mission is simple:
To Lead You Back To Doing What You Love Most and Moving Pain Free.


“I worked with Ryan for several months before I moved out of state. He helped me tremendously with some chronic low back pain and some shoulder problems that I had. He is very knowledgeable and knows the best treatment. I was able to continue going to Crossfit and not let my back bother me because of Ryan's treatments! He is amazing at what he does and also gives you important tools to utilize at home! It is also a great hour of relaxing!”

Jenna G

“Ryan provides superior service . . . he really listens to your symptoms and uses various methods to determine exactly where & what your issues are.  He then can use multiple approaches to address your source of pain.  His manner is calm and soothing but always professional.  I liked the way Ryan explained his treatment approaches and checkpoints with you to ensure your comfort.  I also appreciated his suggestions for physical therapy exercises to complement his acupuncture work.  Bottom line, Ryan really helped me recover from a rear-end car accident so I highly recommend him for any acupuncture services!”

Becky B

 Your Initial Consultation is FREE. Come meet us in person and learn more.


You can also reach us at 425-774-8139 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.