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Why Us?

We’re here to keep YOU moving. Whether you are coming in due to a sports related injury, a chronic pain that won’t resolve, or just wanting to maintain your fitness, Evergreen Acupuncture is here to provide you the proper assessment and tools to get the job done. Unique from many other acupuncture practices, we bring together time-honored Chinese medicine with anatomy based orthopedic and sport acupuncture techniques to provide an effective method of treating pain and correcting dysfunction in the body. No matter what you bring to the table, your treatment plan will be specifically designed for you based on a thorough assessment of your condition.

What We Do

  • We use orthopedic and manual muscle testing to assess where the root of your pain is coming from

  • We use acupuncture needles to treat anatomically significant muscle tissue

  • We treat motor points to restore motor activation, reset tightly contracted tissue, and increase mobility

  • We use manual soft tissue therapies, such as medical massage, cupping, and muscle scraping to relieve pain and increase mobility

  • We work in partnership with other healthcare professionals to provide you the most comprehensive care possible




Acupuncture is the use of fine, sterile, stainless steel needles inserted at various points around the body. Several styles of acupuncture are utilized, including distal, orthopedic, and electro-stim.

Herbal Medicine

Modern Chinese herbal medicine continues to pull from over 2000 years of tradition and knowledge.  The use of herbal medicine in a treatment plan will most often consist of several herbs combined in a specific way to create a formula.

Medical Massage

Tui Na is a traditional form of Chinese medical massage that uses a variety of hand techniques to unblock constraint and reduce pain in the body. 


Cupping and Gua Sha (muscle scraping) can help break up scar tissue and relieve pain from stubborn injuries and muscle tightness. 


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Are you an athlete?

Whether you’re all about explosive power, an endurance junky, or a weekend warrior trying to stay in shape we want to be on your team, helping from the sidelines, making sure you nail your next goal in top form and without injury.

Your sport is a way of life. We get that and will use every tool we have to keep you in the game.

  • Orthopedic acupuncture

  • Medical Massage

  • Muscle scraping / Graston Technique

  • Cupping Therapy

  • Heat Therapy

  • Rehabilitation Exercise


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