Ryan is truly amazing! I went to him with a tension headache/migraine that had put my in the hospital a couple days before. In one session I went from about 10% head movement to 40%. I continued to go to him several times over the next few weeks and had remarkable results. I haven't had a migraine since! Ryan's skills and abilities made me a lifelong acupuncture patient.

Alyssa B

I broke my right ankle in 2003. Since then my physical journey has been overbearing at times. Ryan's ability and desire to help me to do better has been amazing. I am a 68 year old grandma with 7 grandchildren whose lives I can share with more easily because of this treatment.

Jan M

I have been receiving care and treatment at Evergreen Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs since September, 2014. consider myself most blessed and am very grateful for this ancient alternative medicinal treatment. With regular ongoing treatments, I am able to continue to taper my use of opiates and narcotics while still being able to care for my family and keep up with my three year old. I simply to not have significant words to express how much this treatment means to me. The quality of my life positively  changed  for the better with the addition of this treatment.

I would strongly encourage anyone struggling with the daily stresses of life, chronic pain or recovering from an injury to consider this type of treatment. The benefits are simply to much to discuss briefly but the results are amazing!

Please, please if you deal with a painful, ongoing chronic illness consider acupuncture as a treatment option. With perseverance, I truly believe you will be very pleased with your results!

 J. Nash

I have had Accupuncture sessions about 2 years ago and I was very skeptical at first as I suffered of headaches pretty much my whole life. After one month though, I became a firm believer in it and I had one year with barely any headaches. I came back when my headaches returned and this time Ryan was a new practitioner at my old clinic. He was very friendly over the phone and even called my insurance company to check if they cover my visits. At my first visit and every one after that he always listened very attentively and never made me feel uncomfortable or rushed. He is very meticulous, polite, patient and very attentive to my needs. He is very confident in his work and pays very close attention to my feelings and problems. He never rushes and I feel at ease talking with him. I have worked in the medical field for 16 years now and I can tell who cares and knows what they are doing and who is not. I am very thankful and very happy to be under Ryan’s care. I went to him for headaches and within 2 weeks I have been feeling great. I had a shoulder problem that came up and he immediately took care of that with almost instant relief. He took the time to call me at home to check on me since I was in a lot of pain one time. I recommend Ryan to all the patients I care for who would like to try other methods other than conventional medicine. I am truly so grateful for finding such great acupuncturist! He has also helped me find the right herbal treatment for some heart and nervous system problem I was facing at the time. I hope we can all try alternative methods to find balance and health within ourselves. Thank you Ryan!!

Iuliana S

I started to see Ryan in January 2018 for arthritis in my shoulder. I was in a lot of pain, had difficulty raising my arm, and was hoping for some relief.  By the 8th visit to Ryan I was pretty much pain free. And for those that haven't had arthritis, it is painful! Thank you Ryan!

Bruce S

I first learned of Evergreen Clinic through a co-worker who swore by acupuncture for his back issues. It took a couple of years before I came in. Overall I’m in good health, but do have a history of mild to moderate acid reflux symptoms along with breathing difficulties that usually coincide with anxiety and stress. After another flare-up of these symptoms in 2017 - and after looking into the side effects related to medications prescribed for them - I called an made an acupuncture appointment. I noticed a huge improvement early on with both my breathing and digestive symptoms. I am able to breathe more deeply, have far fewer digestive disturbances, have more energy, and sleep much better. Most importantly, the treatments have really lowered my anxiety/stress levels. I really appreciate coming in, letting Ryan know what is currently going on in my body (and being heard!), and having the session tailored to the here-and-now. The best part of making acupuncture a regular part of healthcare is that I don’t have to worry about potential side effects of pharmaceutical prescriptions. I feel very confident in Ryan’s training and approach and would strongly recommend some sessions with him for anyone looking for an effective, safe way to address health issues.

Norma J