Sports and Orthopedic Acupuncture for athletes

Getting you back in the game

Have you been training hard just to find yourself potentially watching the race from the sidelines? Injuries take time to heal, but they can heal faster with help. Sports and orthopedic acupuncture improve blood flow to local tissue, reset muscle tone, improve muscle activation, and get you back in the competition.

Keeping you in the game

You train hard to perform at your best. You put in the hours, the sweat, and grit to keep performing optimally and to push yourself to the next level. Sports and orthopedic acupuncture is invaluable in helping our bodies withstand such an amazing amount of stress and adapt to the demands of high level training. Through thorough testing we can determine where imbalances may be hiding in inhibited, tight, or weak muscles. These imbalances can be an injury waiting to happen. We’re here to be on your team and help minimize the odds of injury and maintain your top level performance.

Helping you improve your game

Playing hard and feeling good? Wondering how acupuncture may help? We can help improve strength and mobility. We’ll improve your reaction time by keeping your muscles primed and ready to respond right when you need them. With us on your team we’ll keep you playing hard and help you push to that next level.