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“I am in my 50's and I am an avid runner and soccer player. I've rarely been injured so it was very frustrating when I developed Plantar Fasciitis in my left heel. It came on slowly but after a few months it became almost unbearable and I had to take a complete break from any running activity. I did the usual things, like inserts and stretching, and while that helped alleviate the pain, I was not actually getting better. I tried lots of things and in desperation I turned to acupuncture, which I had never done before. Ryan was very engaged right from the start. He's also a runner so I felt like he understood my situation. He didn't just try to dampen the symptoms, he really dug deep to find the cause of the problem, which turned out to be the 'other foot', not the one with the issue.

It took several sessions, but then I started to feel better, and slowly things improved. The sessions were very relaxing and I could feel the techniques Ryan was using were having a positive effect. He also gave me some very useful exercises and I was on the road to recovery. The end result is the Plantar Fasciitis is completely gone and I am running pain free now for almost a year. I can highly recommend Ryan, he is very accommodating, his prices are very reasonable and his manner is very friendly and professional. You will not be disappointed.”

Simon T, marathon runner

I broke my right ankle in 2003. Since then my physical journey has been overbearing at times. Ryan's ability and desire to help me to do better has been amazing. I am a 68 year old grandma with 7 grandchildren whose lives I can share with more easily because of this treatment.

Jan M

I started to see Ryan in January 2018 for arthritis in my shoulder. I was in a lot of pain, had difficulty raising my arm, and was hoping for some relief.  By the 8th visit to Ryan I was pretty much pain free. And for those that haven't had arthritis, it is painful! Thank you Ryan!

Bruce S

Ryan is truly amazing! I went to him with a tension headache/migraine that had put my in the hospital a couple days before. In one session I went from about 10% head movement to 40%. I continued to go to him several times over the next few weeks and had remarkable results. I haven't had a migraine since! Ryan's skills and abilities made me a lifelong acupuncture patient.

Alyssa B

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